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Roots Ethiopia
Roots Ethiopia

Roots Ethiopia partners with communities in Ethiopia to turn local ideas into lasting change. They work together to improve schools, educate children, enable livelihoods, and include everyone. Donating to Roots Ethiopia is just one of the ways I like to “give back”. They help families in the region where I was born and that’s very special to me. Also, if you’d like to help me and my family return to Ethiopia to see the library/science lab I built and to meet the children in my birth village who use those new facilities please consider donating to my GoFundMe. Thank you crochet friends!

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Chrysanthemum Dishcloth/Hot Pad/Coaster

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My Ethiopian Afghan

Free Blanket Pattern

Caron Crochet Shawl

Caron Crochet Shawl Tutorial

Crochet Mask With Pocket Tutorial

Crochet Mask Tutorial

Highlights Of My Crochet Journey

A Hat For Drew

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Drew Barrymore and she’s so nice! I made her this hat that reminds me of cotton candy. I think she likes it!

A Day With Melissa!

My whole family was able to enjoy Los Angeles this year as I prepared for my debut on Little Big Shots. Melissa McCarthy and her husband were both so kind and funny too!

Kelly Clarkson and more!

It was so fun to meet Kelly and her guests which were Cedric The Entertainer, Danica Patrick, and Mindy the Ninja. I made them all a crocheted item and taught them how to crochet. So fun!


Jonah’s Hands Crochet Tutorials: a New Hobby

Jonah’s Hands Crochet Tutorials: a New Hobby

This blog was written in quarantine. That means the COVID-19 pandemic is going on, so everyone is doing their part to social distance by staying home. During this time, plenty of folks are trying to learn something new. As so many of us have time that we didn’t have before, there’s been a real groundswell of people trying to take up something new, to learn something they didn’t know, something that they could use in the future. Jonah’s Hands crochet tutorials are perfect for this. If you’re a beginner, they can help you to get started. If you’re already experienced, they can help you to find a higher level. 
Jonah’s Hands Shop has the Right Items for Any Season

Jonah’s Hands Shop has the Right Items for Any Season

“April showers bring May flowers.” That’s something we’ve all heard before in a literal sense. The idea is that the more it rains in April (when, for much of North America, it tends to rain a lot) will eventually lead to a beautiful month of May. In our year of 2020, we hope that it's true metaphorically: that the difficulties of this month of April, when we’re all doing our part by staying inside and self-distancing, can lead to a future time when it’s beautiful, where we’re able to go out and enjoy all of nature’s splendor, together. At Jonah’s Hands shop, you can find items that will fit in at any time of year. 

Stay Home

Stay Home

Jonah makes a blanket with a message to all.

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