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"This product is amazing. Wow! Wow! Wow!
It's the only product that has worked on
my dry hands." - Joan P.

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Roots Ethiopia
Roots Ethiopia

Roots Ethiopia partners with communities in Ethiopia to turn local ideas into lasting change. They work together to improve schools, educate children, enable livelihoods, and include everyone. Donating to Roots Ethiopia is just one of the ways I like to “give back”. They help families in the region where I was born and that’s very special to me. Also, if you’d like to help me and my family return to Ethiopia to see the library/science lab I built and to meet the children in my birth village who use those new facilities please consider donating to my GoFundMe. Thank you crochet friends!

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“My daughter will treasure the handmade crisscross baby blanket forever! It is so soft and she carries it with her wherever she goes!”

Sara A.

 “Your story is very inspirational. I bought your book for my son who has now taken up crocheting. He loves it and it relaxes him too.

Tyler M.

“I can’t say enough about your Hand Salve. I have bought much more expensive versions of this all natural salve and yours is the best by far! This stuff really works wonders!”

Linda C.

Jonah, I wanted to tell you I'm crocheting rag rugs out of fabric and it makes your hands rough but your hand lotion #5 is the absolute best and made my hands soft instantly.  I love it!

Artie H.

I love wearing your tees and helping you spread the love of crochet!

Lexi R

I love my new Jonah Jacket. I got the ivory color and the patches really look nice on it. So many people compliment me when I wear it and I tell them all about you (if they don’t already know!).

Tony F.

I gave everyone in our crochet club one of your pins and they really liked them. It made a nice Christmas gift for them. Thank you.

Kay D.

All of your tutorials are great but I really liked the pink shawl you made. I followed along and made a light green one- you are a great instructor young man!

Beverly W.

I bought some of your salve to help with my hands after gardening. I don’t use garden gloves when I garden so they get kind of rough looking. 
I love using it on my feet and heels!!!!  Elbows too.  It is a great softening formula and helps to heal my feet/heels after long distance running. 

Andrea M.

Featured Items

Let's Begin Scarfs

Let's Begin Scarf Pattern

The EZ Wool Scarf

Scarf Tutorial

Crochet Diagonal Striped Baby Blanket

Crochet Baby Blanket Tutorial

Caron Crochet Shawl

Caron Crochet Shawl Tutorial

My Favorite Hook- The Streamline Galaxy Swirl

Link to Hooks

Highlights Of My Crochet Journey

A Hat For Drew

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Drew Barrymore and she’s so nice! I made her this hat that reminds me of cotton candy. I think she likes it!

A Day With Melissa!

My whole family was able to enjoy Los Angeles this year as I prepared for my debut on Little Big Shots. Melissa McCarthy and her husband were both so kind and funny too!

Kelly Clarkson and more!

It was so fun to meet Kelly and her guests which were Cedric The Entertainer, Danica Patrick, and Mindy the Ninja. I made them all a crocheted item and taught them how to crochet. So fun!


What Helps Jonah’s Hands Can Help Your Hands

What Helps Jonah’s Hands Can Help Your Hands

Jonah’s hands are, for lack of a better word, amazing. They’re incredible. They’re an integral part of the amazing crochet items that he makes. At his site, we do everything that we can for the crochet community.
Hand Crochet

Hand Crochet for Fun, Friendship, and More

There's been much talk of “what are you going to get out of quarantine?” This is a time to, if you’re up for it, learn something new, develop a new hobby or skill, so that you’re getting everything that you can out of this time. This is absolutely the perfect time to learn how to hand crochet.
crochet items

Crochet Items for Any Season

During the warm months, you might think: “hmm, the last thing I need right now are crochet items,” believing that they’re too warm for the season.

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