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Blocking Your Projects

Hi Crochet Friends,

Lately I've been making lots of vintage doilies. I enjoy working with crochet thread and love the intricate stitching. This year I won Best of Show at the county fair on my Evocation doily. Many people ask me if I block my doilies. The answer is ”absolutely”. If you want to see the beautiful pattern in your doily, you must go through the process.  I really like this part because it signifies the last step of my project before I can present it, or gift it, or use it. I use a mixture of water and starch and wet the item with it. I lay it on a foam blocking board and carefully pin the stitches, starting from the inside, until it has perfect form. Sometimes I use between 150-200 pins depending on the size of the item. I then lay it on a rack outside to dry or even use a blow dryer. It's fun to take the pins out and see the perfectly shaped doily! Here's a picture of me blocking the Crown of Majesty doily. It's a tedious job but well worth the results.


  • You speak of crocheting with thread. My mother and aunt did “tatting” which is making doillies with a tatting tool. (A Polish thing.) Can’t remember the name. You have a wonderful talent and spirit. Thank you for sharing it with us. FYI, I’d love to see another flower quilt, even a small one. I saw on a video. Absolutely gorgeous. All of your ideas are uniquely you. Can’t wait to hear more about your success and future. Yup, a doctor. I see it.

  • My sons were watching the Drew Barrymore show and I listened from the kitchen. I heard you talking and I told my son it sounded like his younger brother speaking. I listened to you, you sounded to me just like my little son when he was that age. You reminded me of him too. Then I went online and read that you were born in Ethiopia. My gosh! My youngest son is half-Ethiopian. I couldn’t believe it. I am going to read your book. You are so amazing and your beautiful little face and voice makes me want to cry. You are just so precious! ~Bella

    Bella Rossetti

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