Hello Crochet Friends! Thanks for stopping by and supporting me!

Stay Home

Hello Crochet Friends!

I’m at home with my family in Wisconsin. We are self quarantining. Dad is doing lots of cooking and Mom is doing lots of baking and culling, as she puts it. My siblings and I are doing online school. I’m getting in lots of crocheting and some knitting too.
I hope you all are safe and staying at home. I made a blanket from loop yarn to remind everyone to “stay home”.  Making those words were harder than I thought but they turned out in the end. Stay safe friends and crochet away!


  • hi jonah you are so talented crochet and amazing person im watching your tube channel and do you have pattern for southwest diamond wheelchair lap afghan for my son god bless you and stay safe

    lori wistrand-sampson
  • Hi Jonah, I just came across the article in my People’s magazine about the great work you are doing. What an inspiration you are. You are a hero to many! After reading the article I immediately went to your website hoping I would find something special a hot or stuffed animal to buy for my grandson Welles Remy who is turning 1 in Feb. You see my grandson was named after another hero, Welles Remy Crothers. This Welles saved many people on 9/11 escape the world trade tower before it collapsed. He is known as “the man in the red bandanna”. He did not make it out himself in the end but he is remembered to this day for his heroics in his selfless actions that awful day. Anyway I see all items are currently sold. If you might advise me when more items might be available for a little boy it would be greatly appreciated.
    I would love to buy something for him that will have great meaning that you’ve made just like his name.
    I hope you and your family stay well.
    Mary Lou Davall

    Mary Lou
  • Your the best Jonah Larson 💖💖💖💖

    Karina Munoz
  • Your the best Jonah Larson 💖💖💖💖

    Karina Munoz
  • Hello Jonah! Yes, like others have said, you are an inspiration and have a beautiful soul! Do you have a pattern for a face mask? I would love to make some for my family and to donate. God Bless!! <3<3<3 Catherine

    Catherine L Solheim

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