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I’m writing my 2nd book!

I’m really excited to announce that I’m writing my second book! My first book was my autobiography and my second book will be a pattern book. It’s called “Giving Back Crochet”. The pattern book will have patterns that crocheters can stitch that can be given to those in need, or to cause awareness for conditions such as breast cancer or autism. Of course, you don’t have to give them away! Sometimes you need to make a special item for yourself. Keeping in mind the intent of the book, the patterns will be easy to intermediate in nature.

I’m super excited about this book and hope you will enjoy it. My publisher is Annie’s and they are wonderful to work with. They are experts on pattern books. The book will be released in July, 2020.

Read the article about the book in The LaCrosse Tribune.

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  • I am a kindergarten teacher and a crocheter. I think you are such an inspiration to so many and I applaud all of your skills and efforts to help others. I am so proud of your teacher for realizing how important your crochet is and that she allowed you to crochet after your work was done. What a win win! You are so special and I hope to meet you someday in person. You have a very bright future ahead! I have your first book and looking forward to all of the others! Love and God bless!


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