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Learn a New Skill with Jonah’s Hands Crochet Tutorials

Jonah Larson is a young crocheter who has been honing his craft for years and enjoying every second of it. He has been highlighted by different television shows and publications for his love for crocheting, and you too can share his passion by picking up the craft yourself. There are the many ways in which you can use Jonah’s Hands crochet expertise to learn this wonderful skill.

jonah's hands crochet tutorials

Jonah’s Hands YouTube Crochet Tutorials

A big reason behind Jonah’s recent popularity was his YouTube channel. He started his channel in early 2019, and he has earned well over sixty-thousand subscribers since! Jonah has used the channel mainly to share his creations with others, but also to unbox some of the many packages he’s received and to showcase some of his merchandise. You will also be able to find some excellent tutorials that can teach you how to make crochet creations by yourself. Don’t worry, even though Jonah is a very fast crocheter, he slows down when he’s showing others how to do it. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with crochet, you should be able to pick up a few skills with Jonah’s videos.

Jonah’s Hands DVD Crochet Tutorials

However, if you want a more comprehensive look into the basics of crocheting in order to eventually set you off on your own, you might want to take a look at the “Learn to Crochet with Jonah” DVD available on the Jonah’s Hands website. In this series of video tutorials, Jonah shows you everything you need to know to properly learn how to crochet. He starts off by showing you how to hold the hook and yarn and by the end of the DVD you will have learned how to crochet full coasters and bracelets using a variety of different techniques, colors, and stitches. If you are interested in really digging into the world of crocheting, this is the tutorial for you. 

jonah's hands crochet tutorials

Jonah’s Hands Book

If you are looking to learn a little bit about Jonah himself and the story behind his love for crochet, his book Hello, Crochet Friends! will prove to be quite a wonderful read. In it, Jonah explores why he loves making art and how it helps him on a daily basis. Here, he introduces crocheting, why it’s so special to him, and what you can learn from it (just like he did!). If you want to make reading the book even more special, you can purchase an autographed and personalized copy from this website. There isn’t a better look into the world of crochet than Jonah’s Hands crochet book, you can count on that.


  • Jonah,
    You are too of my list for kindness, creative and inspiring. Love seeing your work and learning of all the good you do
    God bless you sweetheart. You are tops!
    June Gardner

    June Gardner
  • Hi! Jonah! I have followed you since you began and you amaze me!!! God has given you an incredible gift and you have been using it so wisely. Thank you for sharing what you can do!! I love watching you crochet. It’s like there are two of you in your handsome head…one crocheting while the other talks and does other things.

  • I like your work and the speed you are using. You have a skill. Keep it up.

    Nakiganda Betty Grace
  • I think what you are doing with the proceeds from the books are wonderful. We I can afford to buy them I will so I can learn to crochet.

    Sara Blasingame
  • Hi…..

    I just posted a question about the Sunset Afghan, about sharing the pattern, if it is in your book please let me know, I will purchase your book. If it is not in your book if there is a charge to purchase the pattern, please let me know, I would love to purchase it.

    Again, thank you

    J Lee

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