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Visit Jonah’s Hands Crochet Store and Share his Love for Crochet

You might have seen some of his videos on YouTube, or maybe you have seen his appearances on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Today, USA Today, or CBS News. Either way, you have probably heard of young crocheting prodigy Jonah Larson. At age five, he picked up a hook and some yarn and began teaching himself how to crochet via a YouTube video. This soon evolved from a whim to a pastime to a full-on passion. Years later, he still enjoys crocheting more than any other activity  and he has chosen to share his passion with the world through Jonah’s Hands Crochet Store. That way, you too can enjoy his love for crocheting.

jonah's hands crochet store

Jonah’s Hands Crochet Store

By browsing the Jonah’s Hands website, you will be able to find his online store. Sometimes Jonah uses his store to sell some of his many special crochet creations. The store is named “Jonah’s Hands” because every item he sells on it has gone through his hands somehow. After all, these are the hands that do all of the crocheting. Among the many different pieces he makes, some of his favorites include hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, and afghans. He also designs the merchandise on the website and has several popular t-shirts and tote bags for you to spread the love of crochet too!

Jonah’s Hands Store

Of course, since every crochet item is made by Jonah himself, these are not available year-round. He has to focus on his own middle school studies (especially if he wants to make his dream of being a surgeon a reality), so whenever he’s unable to crochet items for his store you can find plenty of other items you can purchase to support him and the charity he’s partnered with. Whether you want clothing apparel, books, tutorials, or cool memorabilia, you will be able to find it on the Jonah’s Hands shop. The best part? With your purchases, you are actually helping Jonah and his philanthropic work by supporting him. He has partnered with Roots Ethiopia, an organization that funds education initiatives in Jonah’s birth country, to support their cause.

jonah's hands crochet store

Own a Unique Piece of Jonah’s Passion

You only need to watch some of Jonah’s interviews on TV to see that he has a lot of love for crocheting and that he really wants to make other people happy with his craft. That is why he has chosen to share it with people everywhere, be it through the crocheted items themselves, or through pieces of apparel or decoration that evoke that same passion. In choosing to, collaborate with Roots Ethiopia, he gets to put out as much good into the world as he gets out of his love for crocheting everyday. You can browse through the Jonah’s Hands store website in search of the perfect item for you or you can directly donate to Jonah’s GoFundMe.


  • Is there anyway u can buy what Jonah makes?? I love the little Easter baskets he made!

    Adrienne Moody
  • I loved you on little big shots but I have been following you for a long time you have been inspiring me and millions of others on yarnspirations when most people say crochet is dead and old fashion I wanted to give up but seeing you I know I am not just wasting my time.God bless you and what you are doing for the world.

    Kathleen Vargas

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