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The Jonah’s Hands Store Has Great Finds to Show Your Love for Crochet

Jonah is definitely best known for his beautiful crochet creations, ranging from scarves and hats to afghans and home decor. However, crochet takes time, so he’s not always able to make enough to sell on his website. That doesn’t mean that he lacks wonderful things in his store for those looking to support his passion! That’s right, at the Jonah’s Hands store, you will be able to find plenty of different items that still channel Jonah’s love for crochet, even when he’s too busy with school.

jonah's hands store

Tote Bags

Everyone could use a tote bag! That’s not just because they are great to casually carry your stuff around, but also because they are very useful if you share Jonah’s love for crocheting! You can get your own Jonah’s Hands canvas tote bags for you to carry around your projects, yarn, hooks, and scissors. This way you can crochet wherever you go, whenever you have some free time. Of course, these tote bags aren’t just for crochet supplies (although they are certainly great for that!). You can use them to carry around just about anything you need on a daily basis. The cute designs on them are bound to spread some positivity wherever you go!


Patches are a great way for you to personalize all sorts of items such as bags, jackets, or even your room! At the Jonah’s Hands store, you can find several different patches meant to spread Jonah’s love for what he does and where he’s from. Whether they are expressing love for his birthplace of Ethiopia or for his passion for crochet, you too can share a little bit of his pride with one of the many patches offered in his store. There’s also the very popular Jonah’s Crochet Utility Jacket that has several of our patches on them, along with plenty of room for more patches and pins to personalize it and make it your own!


What is a better way to start your day than with a beautiful mug with a positive message on it? If you too wish to enjoy Jonah’s passion for crochet or maybe a little piece of his positive attitude, the mugs available on the Jonah’s Hands website are a great match for you. There are mugs available in plenty of different styles and sizes, so you are sure to find one that perfectly matches your style and your beverage of choice. Regardless of your taste, we have plenty of different options for you to enjoy, each with a unique design and an inspirational message.

jonah's hands store

Jonah’s Hands Store

With the help of the internet, Jonah is able to share his wonderful hobby with people everywhere through his crocheted items, or through pieces of apparel or decor that evoke that same passion. Get in on the love for crochet and look for merchandise that spark your love for the craft. And of course, remember that every purchase supports Jonah’s business which in turn supports Roots Ethiopia, a non-profit organization that funds educational initiatives in rural Ethiopia.


  • Hi Jonah,
    It was so good to come across your website. You make beautiful items. I plan on buying the olive green jacket
    with the beautiful embroidery patches on them. I too am a fiber artist and it feels real special to make things with
    your hands. Continue to bless the world with your God given talent. I will be shopping at your site soon.
    Peace and blessings to you dear Jonah.

    Rose Mary Grant
  • I really love this boy. I am amaze with his intelligence and smart thinking and eloquence and most amazing smile. He is fast with his hands doing what he does best. God best you and your wonderful family.

    Emmanuel Bosompem
  • I have read your story so glad you are using your talent that God gave you, to help others. You’re such a blessing

    I love to crochet also
  • I have read your story so glad you are using your talent that God gave you, to help others. You’re such a blessing

    I love to crochet also
  • I have read your story so glad you are using your talent that God gave you, to help others. You’re such a blessing

    I love to crochet also

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