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Jonah’s Hands Shop has the Right Items for Any Season

“April showers bring May flowers.” That’s something we’ve all heard before in a literal sense. The idea is that the more it rains in April (when, for much of North America, it tends to rain a lot) will eventually lead to a beautiful month of May. In our year of 2020, we hope that it's true metaphorically: that the difficulties of this month of April, when we’re all doing our part by staying inside and self-distancing, can lead to a future time when it’s beautiful, where we’re able to go out and enjoy all of nature’s splendor, together. At Jonah’s Hands shop, you can find items that will fit in at any time of year. 

Jonah’s Hands shop

A Sweatshirt for All Year Round 

When you think about it, is there any piece of clothing more versatile than the sweatshirt? You can wear a well-made, cool-looking sweatshirt at practically any time of year, no matter what. You can wear them on a chilly day, to keep you warm. When it’s hot out, you can wear a sweatshirt as it probably won’t overheat you. It works for any activity too. You can be hard at work studying, crocheting, out playing with friends, cleaning up, or just sitting around watching TV - there’s practically nothing a sweatshirt can’t do. A Jonah’s Hands crewneck sweatshirt can be just the universal piece of clothing you’re looking for.

“Bringing the World Together, One Stitch at a Time” 

That’s the message on one of our most popular Jonah’s Hands t-shirts. During this incredibly difficult time, it’s natural to feel like we’re more disconnected than before. After all, we can’t really be around each other, not closer than six feet. But, for so many of us, we’re closer than we ever were before. There are kinds of technology that allow us to catch up with family members, friends and more that we might not have talked to as much in the past. This t-shirt celebrates that, embracing the fact that the things that connect us are more than the things that divide us. That said, these shirts also look pretty cool to boot. 

Jonah’s Hands Shop: Where Crochet is Always Cool 

There are very few hobbies which are a great amount of fun, a true art form, and then, when you’re done at the end, you get something really cool that you can actually use. That’s crochet. Celebrating just how cool crochet is, the “Brochet” t-shirt is one of our most beloved shirts for a reason. Featuring a fist bump over the word “Brochet,” this shirt is one more way to exemplify just how enjoyable crochet can be.

Buy Something or Make it Yourself 

Most people, whether they realize it or not, have a little crochet in them. Since Jonah started his tutorials, he’s been amazed by the incredible things that people make, their passion for the art form. You can take these tutorials and learn how to crochet yourself. For our complete catalog, head to the site. 


  • I asked about the same thing. It would be awesome to have a starter kit for coasters, dishrag or anything easy to learn from your DVD. I went to Michaels and just stood there staring at all the stuff. Came home with some hooks and yarn, but it’s confusing for a beginner. I don’t know what 4/8 means on a yarn label. How to read yarn weights, etc.

    Carole Jackson
  • Hello friend, I purchased your wonderful video but do not have the tools recommended on the back of the DVD. Do you sell the starter set of materials?
    Thank you, CB

    Chris Brown

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