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How Jonah’s Hands, LLC Helps Kids in Need

If there is anything young Jonah Larson loves to do it is crocheting. He taught himself how to crochet at age five and his skills advanced throughout the years. Now, people from all over the world have noticed and appreciated his talent. Jonah has been invited to several talk shows to discuss his work and has traveled around the country to share his love for the craft.  However, he doesn’t just want to share his talent with the world, he also wants to help people with it. That’s why he’s established Jonah’s Hands , LLC

jonahs hands shop

Jonah’s Hands, LLC

Jonah’s Hands store is a way for passionate crocheter Jonah Larson to share his talent with the world. Here you can see some of his many crochet projects and watch tutorials on how to make your own creations. You can also enjoy his love for crochet with the merchandise in his online store! Whether you want apparel, books, how-to DVDs, tutorials, or cool memorabilia, you will be able to find it on the Jonah’s Hands site. The best part? With your purchases, you are actually helping kids in need by helping Jonah grow his business. Jonah raises money by auctioning his crocheted items and by contributions from celebrities, crochet friends and people around the world. Many of these contributions are made through his GoFundMe account.

Roots Ethiopia

Roots Ethiopia is a charitable organization that helps kids and families in rural Ethiopia, where Jonah himself was born. Because of the money raised from Jonah’s projects and the generous contributions of donors, they are able to provide Ethiopian schools with books, learning tools, and even libraries and science labs! They even have a scholarship fund that sponsors students who may not have the resources to pay for their education. As their mission statement reads, “Every donation makes a child’s world a little bit bigger and widens the door to new opportunities. Your contribution today means Ethiopian students will have the resources they need to start school, stay in school, and succeed in school.”

jonah's hands shop

Never underestimate the power that a small donation can have! A $10 donation can provide three new textbooks for a library. It can fill up a student’s backpack with the supplies they need. It can even add up for the school to buy new items they might need, such as blackboards, microscopes, or training for their instructors. Most importantly, donations can help sponsor students’ education when their family lacks the resources needed for them to attend school.

Donate to Jonah’s GoFundMe

There is more than one way in which you can support Jonah’s Hands, LLC and Roots Ethiopia! For example, Website Depot collaborates with Jonah’s Hands by helping him spread his message. You can also help them directly by contributing to Jonah’s GoFundMe. You will be part of the community that helps kids in Ethiopia have access to the education they need and deserve. Every dollar makes a difference.


  • I would like to make a donation to Ethiopia
    Where do I make my donation

    Brenetta Glass
  • Hi Jonah, I just want you to know I think you are such a wonderful person I admire you so much.
    I want to send you a donation, how can I do that?

    Dorothy Carey

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