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  • Thanks for this message am a single mom of 21yrs old. And he doesn’t get why he can’t come home. He lives a Independent Living group home she lives in his own apartment though but he does doesn’t get why he can’t come home and I and I told him he needs to stay indoors and stay away from other people except for the people that give him his meds he has bipolar disorder and reactive attachment disorder and a few other but they’re telling him he doesn’t have it which is a lie because I’m the one that raised so I appreciate this that you put out for everyone to hear because there are more people dying every day or getting it every day and people are just being hoarders in the grocery stores they just don’t care about anybody else but themselves they think nobody else needs the toilet paper or the paper towels or the tissues or anything like that and there has been several shelves where I live I live in Missoula Montana and there’s been several cases in different cities and states in Missoula that people have gotten the coronavirus or if come in contact with them so I appreciate this of what you’re saying because I have help coming to my house to help me clean and that because I can’t do a lot of it by myself anymore because I am in my sixties add my son just doesn’t get any of this he thinks most of it’s funny and I don’t so I thank you for your message.

    Rose Fraley

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