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“Pick Me Ups” from the Jonah’s Hands Store and More

Have you ever received a gift out of the blue? Sure, it’s wonderful to get something on your birthday or during the holidays, but some of the most special gifts we ever receive are those that someone gives to us seemingly out of nowhere. Those tend to be the gifts with the most thought behind them, given for the sheer reason that someone who cares about us wants us to be happy. You can find plenty of gifts like that at the Jonah’s Hands store. Sure, there might not be any holidays on the immediate horizon, but this is certainly a time when someone could use a pick me up. 

Jonah’s Hands store

A New Jacket 

It’s recommended that most folks get outside every now and then. Sure, as of this writing, we’re all staying at home as much as possible. That's for many good reasons: to slow and stop the spread of the virus, to help those among us who might be at the greatest risk of the virus, and so many other reasons. However, it is still good, every now and then, while taking great care, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distancing, to go outside for a walk or run too. In spring, it can still be a bit chilly in some parts of the country. That’s where a jacket from Jonah Hands comes in handy. These jackets are stylish, plenty warm, yet very “cool.” There may be a delay in shipping due to the virus, but we’ll be taking orders as they come in. 

Crochet Away Apparel - Good Clothes with a Good Message 

The message of so much of Jonah’s apparel has always been, in part, that it’s okay to pursue your dreams and do what you love, no matter what it is. As long as you love it with your heart, you should pursue it with all you’ve got. That’s a part of what “Crochet Away” means. However, at this time, it also doubles as a message about the importance of social distancing, too. Yes, you should “crochet away,” as in “you should crochet, over there, six feet from me at least, so that we can all do our part to help those we love.” An important message at the right time - that’s what you’ll get with this apparel. Of course, it helps that it looks great too! 

Gifts You Can Make from Jonah’s Hands Store 

You might think to yourself, “well, I’d like to buy some of these things, but I’m not exactly sure if any of them are right for my needs.” Have you considered making something yourself? At our site, you can find plenty of great items that you can make yourself. That might make for an even more special gift. It’s hard to get more “gift from the heart” than something you created with your own mind, your own hands, and your own love. To see everything that we have in the catalog, just head to our site.

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