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What Helps Jonah’s Hands Can Help Your Hands

Jonah’s hands are, for lack of a better word, amazing. They’re incredible. They’re an integral part of the amazing crochet items that he makes. At his site, we do everything that we can for the crochet community. That means offering tremendous apparel, supporting crochet wherever possible, and even offering some of Jonah’s educational materials on how to improve at crochet. However, on top of that, we now offer products that can help to keep your hands in as great of shape as possible so that you can crochet that much better long into the future. 

Natural Healing Salve 

Crochet can do a number on your hands. Think of how much your hands go through in the course of crocheting. Granted, it’s not working construction or in a dangerous factory all day, but crocheting can be rough on your hands. Our natural healing salve has been proven to work great on hands, but, don’t feel like you have to be an expert, professional crochet artist to get something out of this salve. If you spend your days typing, in an administrative position, or really just using your hands often, you can reap the health benefits of this salve. 

What the Salve Does 

Does your skin feel tough? Do you worry that your skin is too dry? Then our salve might be perfect for you. Rich and naturally moisturizing, it can revitalize even the toughest, driest skin. We know that there are no shortage of moisturizing products for your hands available, but this is the one that works for Jonah. When his skin gets dry or cracked around his nails, just a little bit of it can bring his skin all of the way back. 

Jonah’s Hands


Natural Ingredients

The last thing any of us want to do is put something unnatural and artificial on our skin. That’s why we made sure that this all natural salve blended essential rosemary oil with vitamin E oil and extra-virgin olive oil. While that was good, we knew that we had to give it more. So, we mixed in conditioning yellow beeswax shields as well.

Good for All 

To make this healing hand salve for everyone, we knew that we truly had to make it appealing for everyone: so, it has a natural herbal scent that men and women of all ages find appealing. Too many other salves have that thick, off-putting medicinal odor. This one is the exact opposite. 

More than Just Hand Salve 

Yes, this salve will do wonders for your hands, particularly if your skin is feeling rough or dry. However, it’s also been proven to be effective for many other areas of your body, too. As a moisturizer, it’s highly effective for your feet, lips, knees, elbows, and more. Really, if there’s a part of your body with rough or dry skin, this moisturizer can probably help out. It’s just one of the many great products that we offer for crochet enthusiasts and everyone else at our site. You can find them all there.


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  • Hi Jonah,

    I saw your crochet work a couple years ago and I just fell in love with it. When I was young my mom taught me a little bit to crochet, but the written pattern in the books were to difficult for me to follow. And when I saw your work, it got me thinking again. I rushed to the store, bought some yarn and a hookset and started. After some practice I managed to make a couple of small potholders. I wanted to thank you so much for inspiring me !

    I wish you all the best and good luck in your future endeavors.

    Kind regards all the way from Suriname, South America,

  • Gosh I just love your items, your a very talented young man God bless you.
    For years I crochet many items but as I got older arthritis took over my hands I cannot crochet anymore . So refreshing to see your talent.

    Mary Lynn DiMauro
  • I have a request for a personal blanket if you do about how much are they

  • Can I buy my yarn for his projects from this site?

    Betty Brisbin

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