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Hand Crochet for Fun, Friendship, and More

As of this writing the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Yes, more and more places are opening up, and thankfully, some people have been able to return to their lives. However, others are still quarantining, social distancing, staying home, and doing everything they can to slow or stop the spread of the virus. There's been much talk of “what are you going to get out of quarantine?” This is a time to, if you’re up for it, learn something new, develop a new hobby or skill, so that you’re getting everything that you can out of this time. There’s never a bad time for it, but this is absolutely the perfect time to learn how to hand crochet. 

A Great Way to Learn 

Many folks, understandably, might think that they just aren’t cut out for crocheting. It can seem intimidating at first: you start with some yarn and a needle, and somehow, at the end of it, you have something impressive like a hat, scarf, or something else. However, while it may seem intimidating at first, it doesn’t have to be. Jonah Larson has many different resources available to help you to learn how to crochet in the way that's best for you. Through these methods, you can find the one that best fits your experience, so that you can have a fun, new hobby. 

Hand Crochet


Giving Back Crochet 

Crochet has, in a very literal sense, given Jonah so much. Yes, it’s been a wonderful ride for him and everyone at the Jonah’s Hands team, but perhaps the best part of it for Jonah has been the community. Crochet is a vibrant, welcoming community, full of great people who make utterly incredible items. This book has that title because it’s Jonah “giving back” to the crochet community, offering up something that can contribute to the crochet conversation, moving it forward. It’s great for enthusiasts as well as novices alike. 

Learn to Crochet Many Different Kinds of Projects 

This book has about as many different kinds of crochet products as there are imaginable. From something as small and intricate as baby booties, all the way up to incredible items like blankets, sizable baskets to friendship bracelets, slippers, hats and more - those are just some of the items that Jonah can teach you how to crochet here in this book. There are 27 projects in all that this book shows you how to make in great detail. 

Hand Crochet Your Way 

This book includes the patterns, yes, but it also includes a stitch guide. Instead of just showing you the final products and saying, “well, you’re on your own,” this book’s stitch guide offers a helping hand in support of those just starting out on their crochet journey. Just following the stitch guide and the patterns recommended in this book can provide you with not just several holidays and birthdays worth of great, thoughtful gifts to give the people you care about, but a hobby that will provide joy and fulfillment. For more, head to our site.

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