Jonah approved hooks!

Hello Crochet Friends, it’s me Jonah! 

Let’s face it. I’m not like most 11 year olds. I would much rather get a new crochet hook than a set of Legos.  I like most crochet hooks and can make a beautiful item with any of them. But some I just like better. So from time to time, I’ll write about my favorites. Today, I’d like to share with you hooks from Furls. You really need to check them out. If not for any other reason than to see how beautiful they are. Their Odyssey hook is amazing. The white hook I’m holding in the picture is an Odyssey hook. I used it last night to make an afghan. It is smooth, sleek and feels comfortable in my hand. The yarn sailed through the head of the hook and I found myself crocheting even faster than usual. They are a bit pricey but if you have ergonomic issues (or don’t want any) I’d suggest putting one on your wishlist. Explore their site. I see they have knitting needles now too. Furls


  • Deborah Z Haile

    Jonah you are absolutely awesome :), both my son Jonah (who is only 6) and I love following your pages. Keep up the great work!

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