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A “Jonah Hands” library for my birthplace.

I love to read. I started reading when I was just 3 years old. My mom has a video of me reading “Jonah and the Whale” when I was 3. After that my parents  took me to a special grammar school. I love to look at my grammar school graduation picture because it reminds me of all the books I read at an early age. The books took me to new worlds filled with imagination.  Sometimes I think about Ethiopia where I was born and the very rural area where the kids didn’t have much, not even a book. It makes me sad and I can hardly imagine a life without books and stories. It’s been my dream to give kids in Ethiopia, who would have perhaps been my good friends, the gift of a library. And this winter, a new library will be built in the village I was born thanks to the wonderful folks who donated money to my cause. This is one of my best moments in life as an 11 year old. Read the whole story in the LaCrosse Tribune.


  • Your story is so surreal. I teach 4th grade and used your story to inspire them. They wanted to do a report about you and your achievements. You are a living legend and they loved that you crotchet.

    Lakisha Motley
  • Just saw you on “Little Big Shots,” and am still sipping tears (happy, thankful tears). You are a wonderful, impressive young man. I’m a senior citizen on a limited budget, but want to contribute to your cause. I will be contributing Luttle hits here and there and pray it helps keep your library growing strong. 💕💕💕💕

    Hope Samworth
  • Jonah I too was adopted I’d like to get more info on donating to your new library in Ethiopia.

    Sheri Jenkins
  • You are a beautiful person inside and out. Your parents must be extremely proud of you. I know that I am and I don’t even know you. Keep being you!! You’re lovely. 💗💚🧡❤💜❤❤

    Rebecca Heintz

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