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We are all “the lucky ones”.

I love reading the hundreds of Facebook and Instagram comments I get. They really encourage me and inspire me to try new things. One comment that often shows up is how lucky my parents are to have “a kid like me”. While they would say the same thing...I take a different stance. I am the lucky one. If you’ve read my book, you already know my birth story and the difficult situation I came from. My parents traveled across the world to get me so I could have a “forever family”. They faced many barriers during their adoption journey and yet turned around and did it all again to get my sister Mercy. I didn’t always make it easy for them either. My book goes into further details about that but they never gave up on me and knew I had a bright future. They have supported my love for crochet and let me “do what makes me happy” despite others telling them and me that crochet wasn’t for boys.

They have taught me to be strong, confident and kind. And, they shared with me the importance of giving back to others. It’s back feels good. The library and science lab I’m building in Ethiopia makes me happy and does so much good for others. Giving to others is a win-win.  My whole family takes part in my Jonah’s Hands business. My mom is my “Mom-ager”, my dad is my hat model and drives me to the yarn stores, my big brother Leif helps me with my videos and social media and my little sister Mercy is my yarn winder! Everyone plays an important role. We are a team. And like my mom always says, we are all the “lucky ones”.


  • You have inspired me so much. What a beautiful family you have. Blessings to you all!

  • Grateful for your story, talent and family. Keep being you as a blessed example to your community and the world. I hope you & your siblings achieve your dreams! As a nurse who works with surgeons, you would be a phenomenal addition to the medical world.

    Annie G
  • You are great….ethiopians are beautiful, intelligent people, we all should help them to have better future…you and my gorgeous ethiopian daughter are the demonstration of how much good people can have inside their soul.

  • I saw where you mentioned your sister is a yarn winder but I am curious what is a yarn winder? I was introduced by a friend to make a scarf with loop yarn as I have issues with my hands so using a crochet hook is not feasible.

    Donna Abplanalp
  • I have been following this unselfish, talented guy since I first saw him on Facebook a few years ago. Prayers for your success and may God bless your giving spirit.

    kathryn workman

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