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We are all “the lucky ones”.

I love reading the hundreds of Facebook and Instagram comments I get. They really encourage me and inspire me to try new things. One comment that often shows up is how lucky my parents are to have “a kid like me”. While they would say the same thing...I take a different stance. I am the lucky one. If you’ve read my book, you already know my birth story and the difficult situation I came from. My parents traveled across the world to get me so I could have a “forever family”. They faced many barriers during their adoption journey and yet turned around and did it all again to get my sister Mercy. I didn’t always make it easy for them either. My book goes into further details about that but they never gave up on me and knew I had a bright future. They have supported my love for crochet and let me “do what makes me happy” despite others telling them and me that crochet wasn’t for boys.

They have taught me to be strong, confident and kind. And, they shared with me the importance of giving back to others. It’s back feels good. The library and science lab I’m building in Ethiopia makes me happy and does so much good for others. Giving to others is a win-win.  My whole family takes part in my Jonah’s Hands business. My mom is my “Mom-ager”, my dad is my hat model and drives me to the yarn stores, my big brother Leif helps me with my videos and social media and my little sister Mercy is my yarn winder! Everyone plays an important role. We are a team. And like my mom always says, we are all the “lucky ones”.


  • You are amazing Jonah. I just love you! I live in Wisconsin also. I watch all your videos. I am 62 and have crocheted since age10. I thought I knew everything there was to know until I started watching your videos! Now that I am retired after 33 years of public education and then School Board I finally have time again to crochet every day. You are an inspiration! God bless!

    Kim R Patrick
  • Jonah you’re right…you have an amazing “Forever” family! You are an amazing young man that any parent would be proud of. I recently subscribed to both your YT & IG! (holiday2406 for YT and redcaboose1708 for IG). You are an amazing teacher! Patient, kind and of course the caring in your voice speaks volumes! I’m a GMA….65 yrs old and you taught me to make a crochet hat today! (or you will as soon as I get the supplies…going to order in a couple of days!) God Bless! Hold on to your DREAMS Jonah!

    Jacqueline Dorer-Russell
  • I just wanted to say that I love your sweet heart, your talented hands, and everything that is Jonah’s Hands! Thank you for sharing your lucky self with us all, we’re truly better for knowing you! 💕

    Lori Koury
  • You and your family make US (the readers and those who follow your website) the “lucky ones”!!!! You all shine the light of hope and more importantly KINDNESS in a world that needs it. Thank you all! Greetings from Ohio

    Regie Powell
  • I enjoy watching you crocheting and speaking about the difference of yarns my mother taught me how to crochet but I have learned so much from you thank you I am 69 years old keep on crocheting thank you so much and thanks to your family

    Carolyn White

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