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Tips for Teens Who Want to Start Their Own Business

 Since teens are our future, it is only right that we would want to see them turn their bright ideas into new business ventures. If you are a youngster with an entrepreneurial mind, then we are here to help. At Jonah’s Hands, we love to see young people bring their dreams to life, so we have some tips for how you can get your first company off the ground.

 Understand the Benefits of Starting a Business

 If you are on the fence about starting a company, then you should sit down and think about some of the benefits. This is a chance to develop skills that could help you later in life, including time management skills, how to solve problems, and how to talk to employees and vendors, so you will be comfortable once you learn the ropes. You can also learn a lot about money management, which is important as you pay for college and life afterward.

 Create a Business Plan

 Now that you are set on creating your own enterprise, it is time to put your plans in motion and the first step is to write out a detailed plan of how you expect your company to run from A to Z. In this ZenBusiness start a business guide, they recommend spending a lot of time on this business plan as you outline what your product will be, how you plan to manufacture it, how much money you will need to get off of the ground, where you will find those funds, how many employees will be required, how you plan to market your idea, and more. Get every detail down in writing, and then follow it to the letter until you have reached your goals.

 Marketing Your Business With Social Media and GIFs

 Once you start manufacturing your product, you will want to begin marketing to the masses. One way that you can do that is by going on social media and using a service like Facebook Adsto create attention-grabbing posts that you can target to a specific audience and get them to come to your website or product page.

 Another idea is to create your own GIFs that will add movement to catch your customer’s eye and make your content stand out. A GIF could be a funny caption or a little cartoon. You can make your own by using a free MP4 to GIF converter. You simply upload a video from your computer, trim it down so it shows the best content, and then click download. Then, you can use your new GIFs on your marketing materials.

 These are just a few of the tips that you can use to start a business as a teen. Create a smart product and market it with social media and GIFs, and the sky can be the limit for what you achieve. If you want to learn more about Jonah’s Hands, check out our blog here.

Written By: Jenna Sherman

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