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The reasons I don’t sell my crochet items.

I love to crochet and one of the reasons why is because it not only makes me happy, it makes other people happy too. I have individuals from all over the world who enjoy my work. Some people request items that they may want for themselves or as gifts for others (like last year when I made over 100 Jonah Cowls during the holidays). Other people request items that are sentimental to them, like doilies that remind them of their grandma. Some folks simply like my designs and would like to create the items themselves. I’m very appreciative of all the requests. I don’t like to disappoint people so it’s very hard for me to turn down the requests from my followers. But, I’ve learned that for right now at least it’s best that folks simply enjoy my work from afar by watching my videos and viewing pictures I post of my crochet creations.

First, I only have two hands. In 3 months time, I had over 4,500 requests until my mom stopped counting. Since then, I’ve had several thousand more requests across all of the social media channels that reach people worldwide. It’s very overwhelming to me. I’m glad my mom helps me with responding.

Second, when I make the same item multiple times (like the Jonah Cowl), it takes the fun out of it for me. I crochet to relax and I never want it to turn into “work”. I have a lot of fun making original pieces that I really don’t plan to make again.

Lastly, I have several other interests that occupy my time. I love to spend time with my family. Academics are very important in our household so I have high expectations there (good thing I’m advanced in math!). I love to read and it’s one of the reasons why I’m raising money to build libraries in Ethiopia where I was born. And my brother loves it when I play baseball, basketball and football with him. I like to run cross country and also am involved in track. We also have religion classes each week that require my time and attention. And I really love to play with my two dogs, Bella and Charlie. I’m very busy and that’s the way I like it. My mind is busy and that’s why creating items with yarn is so relaxing for me.

Those are some of the reasons why I don’t sell my items. But I do have goals for the future. I want to learn how to write patterns so people can have access to my work. Right now my patterns are in my head. And when I write my next book it will be a pattern book so I can share my favorites with you all.  Another way to support me is to spread the message that crochet brings the world together. You can do this by wearing my tees, sharing my book, carrying my totes, or putting my pins and patches on your jacket! These are all good ways to keep others interested in crochet. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me along my journey. It’s all of you that keep me wanting to create new, beautiful items. Crochet Away friends!

Update: As of January 2021, Jonah has started selling some of his handmade items as time allows. He still does not take custom orders.


  • Jonah, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how impressed I am with your talent in crocheting. Even more importantly, I am so impressed with your overall character. I can tell your parents are raising such a fine young man who is proud of his individualism, cares about many others in this world, and loves his family. Truly I think you are an excellent example for other young people and I just wanted to let you know that. Jonah, you and your family have my continued prayers and best wishes. I know you have a bright and beautiful future ahead!
    Sincerely, Kim Hatton

    Kimberly Hatton
  • Kudos to You Jonah, you are a Blessing to everyone. Especially the younger crowd around your age… keep up the Great work. The Sky is the limit. Many blessings 💕

    Amy Gibson
  • Jonah you are amazing! I refuse to sell my crochet for a lot of the same reasons, takes the fun out of it! I also do not enjoy doing the same thing over and over. I make what I call crochet smiles, gifts that I make and just give away. Thanks for being such an inspiration, you are awesome!

  • You are truly a blessing to all around you. I came across your blog after seeing you on TV. While laying in a hospital bed feeling sorry for myself. As I listened to you it not only lifted my spirit but gave me hope. I may never be able to crochet again, but I have hope. God bless you young man. Thank you for making a difference.

    tammie L kirchner
  • Saw you on TV so I had to check out your goods. I have to say I’m disappointed I can’t purchase something you’ve made, but of course throughly understand. Maybe one day you can sell some items – not take special orders – a limited number. You are a wonderful young man doing amazing things! As a teacher I thinks it’s FABULOUS you are putting books in people’s hands.


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