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My summer travels and crochet classes!

Today is Labor Day and tomorrow I begin the 7th grade! I had many exciting adventures this summer and I made friends everywhere I went! I went to Los Angeles to tape a promotional video for Little Big Shots. I spent the day with Melissa McCarthy. She was so nice...and funny of course! I traveled to Atlanta too! My favorite part of that trip was visiting SCAD. This is a college for art and design and it was fun to see the wonderful works of art from the students. I went to New York and taped another show with a celebrity but sadly I can’t talk about that in detail yet. I then went back to Los Angeles to tape the Kelly Clarkson Show. I taught her and 3 other celebrities how to crochet. It was a great time. I’m not sure when it will air yet. One of my favorite trips was when I went to Indiana to film How To Crochet With Jonah Series. This project consists of 6 basic crochet classes that are great for beginners and kids! You will learn all the basics. This will be available at Annie’s Creative Studio beginning September 30th, 2019. Whew! What a great summer it has been. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me on my journey. Now, time for my studies! Crochet Away!



  • I lime some of the things you make. But not has fast as you.

    Stacy Minyard
  • OMG you are so sweet, so talented, so animated and expressive and loving! Can’t find enough adjectives to describe you. I don’t even know how I just found you this morning on the internet , but glad I did! I crochet as an adult now (did so when I was very young and just never continued). I’ve been teaching myself a new stitch (or two) a week just for the fun of it and then “there you were”, teaching me more stuff! What a gift you are and what a gift you have… not only can you crochet, but you are so articulate, so intelligent and so humble. I wish you ALL the success in the world and look forward to seeing you on the Kelly Clarkson show (as she’s my favorite Idol) and I can’t wait to see her show. Keep on crocheting. PS – my grandson recently showed an interest in spinning my crocheting circular machine but got tired of turning (funny huh?) so he decided lining up the yarn for me was better for him and he did this ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM, from one piece of furniture to the next!!! It was funny.

  • Hello Jonah!!! I’m very proud of you,You are truly an inspiration.Keep up the great job.God bless you and good luck with school and you crocheting business.

    Karen Salaam
  • Wishing you and your big heart lots of love in your crochet journey and all the best in your studies as you return to school.💜🌟❤️🌟🧡🌟💚🌟💙ROZ HILL

    Roslyn Hill
  • I am so glad for you Jonah if I had your skills I do the same thing .
    Danny Sowers

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