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How to Hand Crochet the Right Way

Have you been looking for a new hobby? Are you looking to start something new that’s enjoyable, fun, and the kind of thing that you could definitely see yourself doing for a long period of time? Crochet is the sort of hobby that can provide benefits that truly last a lifetime. It’s enjoyable, a great way to engage with friends as well as a new community, plus you can end up with gifts and more that the people in your life will love. Jonah Larson can teach you how to hand crochet the right way. 

Easy Ways to Learn How to Hand Crochet 

Everyone learns differently. Some learn best through “hands on” experience. Others pick up things the fastest when they have someone walk them through the process. Many others learn best from a combination of both: they watch someone do it, and then, they try it themselves. Jonah has the kinds of learning materials that can help, no matter how you learn best. 

Crochet Book 

Over the years, many have learned how to crochet through reading a book. What’s great about a book is that you can keep going back to it to pick up the information again. Videos and audio lectures are fantastic for many people, but for some, they have to keep clicking back to hear what the instructor said. With a book, it’s all laid out in front of you. Jonah Larson’s book, “Hello Crochet Friends” can show you how to crochet in simple, easy steps. From just looking through this book, you can gain the kind of foundation that can set you up for crochet success. 

how to hand crochet


Learn to Crochet with Jonah 

Jonah’s DVDs and videos have helped many to crochet how they want. In the videos, you can actually watch Jonah crochet. It’s one thing for our site to be called “Jonah’s Hands,” but when you actually see them at work for yourself with your own eyes it can be a different experience entirely. Obviously, you aren’t going to crochet like Jonah the first few (or first several) times that you watch the videos, but you can clearly see, step by step, how he did it. Instead of just looking at a marvelous completed product and wondering “how did that happen,” you can see it as it’s built, moment by moment. Then, you can try it for yourself. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Try 

In our culture, sometimes, we’re too afraid of failing. “Failing,” or rather, “trying something new and working our way through mistakes” is part of learning, and really, part of life. That’s how we grow, how we ultimately succeed. All of the most successful people you’ve seen, in practically any field, were once upon a time beginners and novices. They had to work their way up, making mistakes, growing, and learning all the while. With Jonah’s teachings, you can take the frustration out of learning to crochet, so that you can just experience the fun. To check it out for yourself, head to our site.

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  • Hello Jonah and family! I’m happy to say I’ve just learned about you and have been looking at your website, etc.

    How remarkable you are! Your family is a wonderful support. I’m very glad to “meet” you.

    I also taught myself to crochet long ago. It’s one of many hobbies I have.

    I’m a 3rd grade teacher and I’m buying your book about you to share with my students. I’ve always found that my students each have many different talents and sometimes they don’t know it yet! So I share stories about kids for them to make connections and learn about.

    I surely hope you and your family get to travel to your birthplace soon to see the growth and success.

    I will be following you in your endeavors and your growth. How amazing to have found a passion at such a young age.

    Your family was so blessed to have found you and vice versa. That alone makes my heart happy. Thank you all, for sharing this with the world. It makes for a happy focus in a world that isn’t so fun to observe sometimes.

    Cheers! Jody Sanders

    Jody Sanders

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