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My Furls Holiday Gift Guide

My Holiday Gift Guide at Furls:

Hook Stand: Furl hooks are much too beautiful to put in a pouch or drawer with my other hooks.  This 5 hook stand is the right size to display them for everyone to see. I have more than 5 Furl hooks so I trade them out occasionally. They actually become a conversation piece when we have visitors. Friends are fascinated that crochet hooks can be so elegant. The stand is simple in its design and goes with any decor so mom encourages me to set them out! Reasonably priced and perfect for those who have luxury hooks.

 Needle Holder: This is a great stocking stuffer! I’m always losing my needles but not since I got this case. It holds even my biggest needles and now they are all in one place. Plus, the case is a beautiful piece and another item that gets to be displayed.

Candy Shop Hook: Of course, I recommend the orange hook because it’s my favorite color! But you can gift this hook in anyone’s favorite color because there are so many bright, fun colors to choose from. They are so much fun to crochet with and they feel good in my hand. Anybody that crochets would love one of these as part of their collection! 

Streamline Virgo: My favorite part of this hook is how the green and blue swirl together. It reminds me of marble and other beautiful stones I collect. I love to just look down at it when I crochet. I spend a lot of time with a hook in my hand so they might as well be beautiful to look at. It’s truly a luxury hook that is comfortable in my hand and the yarn just glides through the head smoothly. It is absolutely one of my favorite hooks to use. 

Odyssey Hook: Lots of folks worry about the amount of time I spend crocheting and warn that crocheting could be harmful for my hands in the long term.  I want to assure people that the best thing anyone could do if they have this concern is purchase the Odyssey Hook.  It is my number one favorite hook. The best hook I’ve ever used (and I’ve used hooks from all over the world). I can feel the difference. It is so comfortable in my hand. It makes it easy for me to crochet for hours. The stitches I create with this hook are like perfection~they are as even as I can get them. The Odyssey is my “go-to” hook and a must have for my bigger projects. This hook would be an excellent gift for any serious crocheter who wants to create beautiful pieces and take the best care of their hands.


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